SHORE Model 935 Grain Moisture Tester

SHORE® Model 935 Portable Moisture Tester Commodity List

Alfalfa, Meal
Barley, Rolled 2% up to 20.1%
Barley, Six-Rowed
Barley, Two-Rowed
Beans, Baby Lima
Beans, Black
Beans, Black Eye
Beans, Canary
Beans, Cranb & Thor Lima
Beans, Cranberry High Moisture
Beans, Dark Red Kidney
Beans, Garbanzo
Beans, Great Northern
Beans, Kidney High Moisture
Beans, Large Lima
Beans, Lentils
Beans, Light Red Kidney
Beans, Mung
Beans, Pea (Navy)
Beans, Pink
Beans, Pinto
Beans, Red Ball
Beans, Small Red
Beans, Small White
Beans, Yellow Eye
Cabbage Col Seed, Chart CC-5
Canola Meal
Canola Meal, Over 20%
Coffee, Green Beans
Coffee, Parchment
Corn, Broken with Foreign Material
Corn, Cob Ground
Corn, Gluten
Corn, Goya Big
Corn, High Moisture
Corn, Low Moisture
Corn, Meal
Corn, Rolled Flake
Crambe, Seed
Cranberry, High Moisture
Cucumber Seeds, Pointset-Ashley
Cucumber, Beta Alfa CBA-1
Cucumber, C-F1-74
Distillers Dried, Grain
Dried Brewers, Grain
Fescue, Chart KY31
Flaxseed, Western
Lespedza Seeds, Chart LS-1
Mash & Pellets, M-P Tentative
Mustard, Brown
Mustard, Oriental
Mustard, Yellow
Oats, Low Density
Peanut, Meal
Peanuts, Runner
Peanuts, Runner High Moisture
Peanuts, Spanish
Peanuts, Spanish High Moisture
Peanuts, Virginia
Peas, Austrian Winter
Peas, Wrinkled Dry
Pellets Dairy, Poultry Stock
Pellets, Milk Flo Mash
Pellets, Milk Flo Whole
Pellets, Paper Kitty Litter
Pepper, Seed
Pepper, Seed Green Jalapeno-Cayenne
Pine Nuts
Popcorn, White
Popcorn, Yellow
Pumpkin Seed, Hulled Seeds
Radish Seeds, Chart RS-1
Red Altaswede, Clover 201262
Rice, Brown Long Grain
Rice, Brown Long Grain Parboiled
Rice, Brown Medium Grain
Rice, Brown Short Grain
Rice, Milled 2nd Head Parboiled
Rice, Milled Brewers & Screens
Rice, Milled Brewers Parboiled
Rice, Milled CAL2 CAL Second Head
Rice, Milled Long Grain
Rice, Milled Long Grain Parboiled
Rice, Milled Medium Grain
Rice, Milled Medium Grain Coated
Rice, Milled Medium Grain Parboiled
Rice, Milled Short Grain
Rice, Rough Calrose High Moisture
Rice, Rough Long Grain
Rice, Rough Long Grain Parboiled
Rice, Rough Long High Moisture
Rice, Rough Medium Grain
Rice, Rough Medium High Moisture
Rice, Rough Medium Low Moisture
Rice, Rough Short Low Moisture
Rice, Rough Short High Moisture
Seed, Hemp
Sesame Seeds, SS-1
Sorghum, High Moisture
Sorghum, Low Test Weight
Sorghum, Milo
Soybean, Meal
Soybeans, Ground Hull Mill Feed
Soybeans, Immature
Soybeans, Over 20%
Squash, SQ-1-73
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seed, 7% Up To 25%
Sunflower Seed, Confectionery
Sunflower Seed, High Moisture
Sunflower Seed, Hulled
Sunflower Seed, Low Moisture
Timothy Seed, TM-1 Tentative
Tomato, Filon TF-1-73
Wheat, Durum
Wheat, Hard Red Spring
Wheat, Hard Red Winter
Wheat, Hard White
Wheat, Middlings W MD 01
Wheat, Soft Red Winter
Wheat, Soft Red Winter High Moisture
Wheat, Soft White
Wheat, Soft White High Moisture

Environmental operating temperature range for the moisture tester: 32 to 120°F (0 to 50°C).
Commodity sample temperature range: -5 to 160°F (-20 to 70°C).
Weight sample size range (varies with commodity): 100 to 250 grams.
This moisture tester is not NTEP-approved and is not legal for trade.