Shore Measuring Systems began selling and servicing grain moisture meters in 1968, soon developing a reputation for helping commercial grain operators with their grain measurement needs. The company then extended that experience and knowledge into the design and manufacture of its own Shore line of portable moisture testers for the on-farm market.

On January 1, 2020, T.W. Brackett & Associates purchased Shore Measuring Systems from CTB, Inc. T.W. Brackett & Associates is owned by Tom Brackett, who previously managed Shore Measuring Systems when it was part of the CTB, Inc. family of companies. Therefore, our legacy of excellence continues on – offering the same quality of products and service that customers have come to expect.

Today, Shore manufactures, sells and services moisture testers and grain grading equipment for a wide variety of commodities in all 50 of the United States, as well as in Canada, Latin America and other parts of the world.


A single percentage point in grain moisture in either direction can mean the difference between excess shrinkage or added dockage. That’s why Shore Measuring Systems works hard to make sure every tester we manufacture or sell provides precise measurements to farmers, grain elevators and grain processors. This accuracy is one of your best tools to keep you informed and protect your crop.


Shore Measuring Systems is built on a willingness and ability to go the extra mile to help commercial grain operations and farmers. This philosophy continues to set us apart. If you ever have questions or problems with your grain moisture testing equipment, we’re here to help. Even if your tester wasn’t purchased from us, we can help you diagnose the issues and consider your options.

Learn more about our service options and the models we can calibrate and repair on our support page.

Acerca de Shore

Shore Measuring Systems se inició en 1968 como un vendedor y proveedor de servicios para medidores de humedad y ha crecido sustancialmente desde entonces. Shore continúa con el negocio de medidores de humedad y también ha ampliado su línea de productos para incluir equipos de clasificación de granos.

Los medidores portátiles de humedad de Shore para granos y para café están disponibles para su compra en este sitio. Para obtener más información acerca de Shore y sus otros productos, por favor visite el sitio Web www.moisturetesters.com.