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Perten IM 9500 Protein/Oil Analyzer

75.00 LBS
$375.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
  • Product Description

    Perten IM 9500 Protein/Oil Analyzer Features:
    The Perten IM 9500 is one of the most modern and accurate near infrared (NIR) grain analyzer available for testing a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein and oil content, as well as other qualities. It’s designed with highly sophisticated electronics and precision single-block optical components for achieving the best, most reliable results. Additionally, it has a large touch-screen display, making the unit easier to use and results easier to read.

    The IM 9500 can be ordered equipped with a Hectoliter Weight/Test Weight (HLW/TW) Module that is an integrated part of the instrument. Click here to learn more.

    The Perten IM 9500 features:

    • Modern electronics and precision single-block optical components offer the highest accuracy among NIR grain analyzers.
    • Reliable calibrations provide correct, repeatable results.
    • Guaranteed consistent results among all IM 9500 units.
    • One of the fastest whole grain NIR analyzers available, thanks to short analysis time and simple sample handling.
    • Built to withstand harsh environments and rough handling.
    • NIR networking capabilities via Ethernet connection.
    • Fully transferable calibrations
    • National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) approved for use in commercial grain transactions.


    Ask Us About These Accessories:

    Call us about the purchase of these available accessories that can help increase the utility and value of the IM 9500. They provide added functionality and convenience.

    Reference Pellet Check Sample
    The Reference Pellet Check Sample verifies the IM 9500 match’s factory standards. Each Reference Sample has been certified by Perten and is supplied with official limits. Use it to immediately confirm the state of the analyzer at any time. The sample can be used as a check sample and is suitable for use up to one year from purchase.

    Flour Module
    The Flour Module provides the added capability of measuring flour samples. Measure multiple parameters including moisture, ash and protein. For flour millers, this option turns the IM 9500 into a flexible analyzer used both for grading incoming wheat and monitoring the milling process. The Flour Module consists of two cells and a loading station. To analyze flour simply fill a cell using the loading station, close it and insert it into the funnel of the IM 9500. It’s easy, rapid and accurate.

    Small Sample Cell
    With limited amounts to sample, the Small Sample Cell makes it possible to do a fast and accurate NIR analysis. With this option's adjustable path width, it is possible to analyze all types of small grains.

    Ticket Printer
    Print results after each analysis directly from the IM 9500 using this rapid thermal ticket printer. It connects to the IM 9500 via USB and uses standard paper rolls available at most well-stocked office suppliers.


    • Products: Barley, corn, soybeans, wheat, wheat flour and many others
    • Parameters: Moisture, protein, oil, and many more
    • Analysis Time: ~ 25 seconds 
    • Sample Size: 400 ml 
    • Subsamples: Up to 16 per sample
    • Analysis Principle: Scanning grating, transmittance
    • Wavelength Range: 570-1100 nm
    • Regression Options: PLS (Partial Least Squares), ANN (Artificial Neutral Networks), HR (Honigs Regression), Classification
    • Size (WxDxH): 19.1 x 15.4 x 14.6 inches (485 x 390 x 370 mm)
    • Weight: 75 pounds (34 kg)
    • Interfaces: Ethernet, 4 USB ports
    • Display: 12-inch (305 mm) LCD color touch-screen
    • Protection: Dust and humidity protected


    Click Here for Perten IM 9500 Literature

     100 lbs./46 kg shipping weight

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